• Nightly camping:    Check-in 3pm     Check-out 2pm
    • Cabin & Travel Trailer Rentals:    Check-in 3pm         Check-out 12 noon
    • Early arrival fee:  $20 for nightly camping arrivals prior to 12 noon.
    • Hoosier National Forest requires all trail riders, 17 and older, to have HNF trail passes.  Day passes ($5) and annual passes ($35) are available for purchase at the campground office.
    • No animals in shower house.
    • Dogs must be on a leash and attached to you or a tie out AT ALL TIMES, and you must clean up after them.  We cater to horse riders and it is a hazard to horse riders to have dogs loose in the campground.  Please be considerate to fellow riders of all levels of experience and abide by the rules. 
    • Do not tie horses to trees or other fixtures.  Use hitch rails or your trailer ties for tacking.  Do not tie horses to outside of stalls for long periods of time or overnight.  All horses on campsites must be kept inside the stalls.  Extra stalls are available in the barn, if needed. 
    • Manure boxes are located throughout the campground.  Please clean up after your horses before departing the campground.  Your account will be charged $25 for cleaning if you leave the stalls with manure or hay in them. 
    • Do not dump grey water on the ground, it is against Indiana law!
    • All guests bringing horses must register at the office.
    • Visitors to registered campers are permitted.  If the visitors are bringing horses, they will need to register as “day riders” and pay the day rider fee.
    • No trailer or vehicle washing.  You may rinse your horse with water only and for a short period of time, so not to create muddy areas in the yard.
    • Fires are permitted in fire rings only.  Do not move fire rings.
    • Dump stations (2) are located in front of wooden outhouse on Horseshoe Drive and across from site #80.
    • Trash is to be placed in the dumpsters located on the west side of the campground (by office) or on the east side (near site #80)
    • No smoking in or near stalls, in common areas of campground or within 8 feet of common area doorways.
    • Alcohol consumption is limited to your campsite area.  No alcoholic beverages in common areas.  Common Areas include: Shelter House, Shower House, Office, Stall Barns, Outhouses, shared Campfire Ring
    • Vehicle speed limit is 5mph, horses must walk. No gaiting while in campground.
    • Do not run or lunge your horse on open campground property.  If the round pen is set up you may use it for lunging or to let your horse have a break from being tied.  Please limit your time in it so others may use it too.  Do not leave horses unattended in the round pen
    • We reserve the right to ask any camper to leave, as well as reject any entry to the campground.
    • Reminder: All out of state horses must have an up to date Coggins test and health papers (within 30 days).
    • Quiet time is 10pm to 6am.  We prefer that you don’t drive through camp during quiet time, however, if you MUST, please drive slowly and be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb others.  No setting up or tearing down camp during quiet hours. 
    • Day Riders: Departure by 10pm. Only use designated hitch rails or your trailer ties. Clean up after your horses before departing. 

    The word “horses” above is to include all equine.

    Dogs are to be on a leash at all times and you must clean up after your dogs.
    There is no exception to this on our property or the neighboring property.

    Hoosier Horse Camp